Responsibility, environmental management, sustainability

We are committed to protecting nature as the basis of life and using its resources responsibly. It is our mission to constantly improve our performance in the areas of environmental protection, occupational health and technical safety, and product responsibility and logistics and to comply with legal requirements. The international ISO Standard 14001:2004 is the most important benchmark for environmental management in the corporate sector. Among other things, it stresses the need for continuous assessment of a production site’s impact on the environment, for instance with respect to emissions and waste. These international standards are implemented at our various production plants and most of our dialysis clinics. Key environmental performance indicators are, for instance, not only the volumes of waste and recycling rates, but also energy and water consumption at our locations.

In Europe, our production sites are subject to the EU regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals). The aim of REACH is to protect human health and the environment against hazards and risks from chemical substances. We have implemented this regulation. Fresenius Medical Care is an active member of the REACH Working Group of the German Federal Association of the Medical Device Industry (Bundesverband Medizintechnologie or BVMed). In the few cases where Fresenius Kabi is a manufacturer or importer outside the EU member states, all the relevant substances are pre-registered in compliance with the REACH regulation.

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