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My Annual Report

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Entire Report
Annual Report Hannover Re 2013 PDF (4.4 MB)
All available tables in one Excel file XLS (145 KB)
Management, share and strategy
Key figures PDF (112 KB)
Foreword PDF (138 KB)
Executive Board of Hannover Re PDF (230 KB)
The Hannover Re share PDF (200 KB)
Our strategy PDF (134 KB)
Key figures XLS (27 KB)
Management report
Combined management report PDF (757 KB)
Total remuneration received by the Executive Board XLS (28 KB)
Individual remuneration received by the members of the Supervisory Board XLS (28 KB)
Consolidated accounts
Consolidated financial statements PDF (163 KB)
Notes to the consolidated financial statements 2013 PDF (639 KB)
Consolidated balance sheet - Assets XLS (27 KB)
Consolidated balance sheet - Liabilities XLS (27 KB)
Consolidated statement of income 2013 XLS (27 KB)
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income 2013 XLS (27 KB)
Consolidated statement of changes in shareholders' equity 2013 XLS (27 KB)
Consolidated cash flow statement 2013 XLS (29 KB)
Segmental report - balance sheet XLS (28 KB)
Segmental report - income statement XLS (27 KB)
Companies included in the consolidated financial statement XLS (34 KB)
Amortised cost, unrealised gains and losses and accrued interest on the portfolio 2012/2013 XLS (30 KB)
Breakdown of investments by currencies 2012/2013 XLS (30 KB)
Net loss reserve and its run-off XLS (27 KB)
Gross written premium XLS (25 KB)
Investment income XLS (30 KB)
Net gains and losses on investments 2012/2013 XLS (30 KB)
Other information
Supervisory Board PDF (191 KB)
Sites of the Hannover Re group PDF (139 KB)

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