Given that our employees are absolutely crucial to the success of our company, we have defined strategic principles for our human resources management. In order to ensure that we are always perceived as an attractive employer by our existing staff and potential new junior recruits, we pay special attention to their skills and further growth. The health and well-being of our staff are also vital to the sustainable development of our business. The focus of our efforts is therefore on the prevention of disease, e. g. through medical check-ups by the company physician, workplace inspections, advice and treatment relating to matters of general medicine as well as a range of sporting opportunities designed to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We also stress the importance of enabling our employees to strike the right balance between their career and private life. Consequently, we offer individually customisable part-time and telecommuting models as well as flexitime working arrangements with no core hours. By offering such flexibility we want to help our employees organise their daily routine in various stages of life such as starting a family or preparing for retirement. One of the cornerstones of our successful business activities, along with skills and commitment, is the high degree of diversity in our workforce – since this is vital to safeguarding our high global quality standard.



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