Our Green Strategy



In recent years, due to global warming, scarce resources, environmental pollution and accelerated urbanisation in developing countries, "greening" has become a topic of most concern amongst the governments and residents around the globe. Adhering to its parent company Sinochem Group's corporate spirit of "becoming the industry role model of leading technology, resource efficiency and environmental conservation", Franshion Properties adopts an environmentally friendly sustainable development concept through entering into the energy management contract for Jin Mao Tower in 2000 and adopting a sustainable design for Shanghai International Shipping Service Center in 2004. In addition, the green strategy has duly become one of the major strategies for corporate development since 2010.

While actively putting the green strategy into practice, Franshion Properties has been granted a number of national honours and ranked No.1 in many areas in the industry. Not only can they receive the attention and recognition from the central government and the local governments at various levels, they also allow the Company to gain credibility and public awareness, thus establishing a good corporate image. Through integrating the green philosophy into the product, building the green eco-city in urban development and shaping the "green technology, green gold label" health technology system in urban residence, the Group not only gains the recognition from the consumers, but also generates excellent economic benefits. Besides, Franshion Properties also attaches great importance to investing in school projects, developing green campus, promoting green education and carrying out a number of social green community activities so as to build good social values. After three years of implementation, the green strategy has not only generated new growth opportunities and resources to the Company, but, along with Franshion Properties' own efforts, also helped establish an eco-city development model in harmony between the enterprise, government and consumers, thereby setting the benchmark in the green management model in the real estate industry.

  • Franshion Properties' green strategy aims to develop itself as the "pioneer in sound green property management in China";
  • It is positioned as "China's eco-city operator, green campus innovator, green hotel leader, low-energy consumption and high-quality building representative as well as greenhouse gas emission reduction leader" by upholding the guiding concepts of "high standard, scientific, systematic, differentiated, marketised development".
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Green Recognitions and Awards

  • 01 - In 2012-2013, Franshion Properties won a number of awards for its green efforts,demonstrating its image as the pioneer ingreen property management. Changsha Meixi Lake New City was listed in the first batch of the "green and ecological model cities" in China.
  • 02 - In 2013, Beijing Jin Mao Palace Primary School and Qingdao Jin Mao Bay won the National Green Building Innovation Award.
  • 03 - In 2014, Beijing Experimental No.2 Chaoyang Primary School (Jin Mao Palace Primary School) was awarded with LEED-School Platinum Certification by USGBC, representing the first school in Asia granted with the highest standard certification by LEED.
  • 04 - Shanghai North Bund Project was granted the title of the National Green Building Model Site in Eastern China.
  • 05 - Changsha Green Centre was the first project in Asia granted with the Excellence Award by BREEAM.

National Topics and National Standards on Greening

Franshion Properties participated in one session under the "Key Programme of the Ministry of Science and Technology under the Eleventh Five-Year Plan"; participated in five sessions under the "Key Programme of the Ministry of Science and Technology under the Twelfth Five-Year Plan"; participated in the formulation of three standards under the "National Standards"; and obtained two national patents.

Name of honourName of projects participated or topics
Key Programme of the Ministry of
Science and Technology under the
Twelfth Five-Year Plan
Chongming Jin Mao Noble Manor Low-carbon Economic Industry Model Research
Key Programme of the Ministry of
Science and Technology under the
Twelfth Five-Year Plan
Office Building Greening Reform Technology Model Research and Project, Existing Building Greening Reform Integrated Inspection and Evaluation Technology and Marketing System Research Performance Oriented Green Building Design Optimisation Technology Research, Indoor Healthy Environment Integrated Protection and Model Project and Energy-saving Project Carbon Emission and Carbon Emission Evaluation Technology Research and Application
National Standards PreparationEvaluation Standards on Green Buildings, Standards on China Green Hotels and Guideline on Energy-saving Evaluation - Energy-saving Building Projects
State-level Green Building Innovation
Qingdao Jin Mao Bay and Beijing Jin Mao Palace Primary School
National PatentsCold/condensed water recycling facilities and building ventilation and new wind energy recovery facilities

Green Events

With respect to green events, taking the lead and resource integration are characteristics of Franshion Properties' green strategy. During 1 to 3 April 2013, the 9th International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Buildings cum New Technology and Product Expo was held at Beijing International Convention Center. Franshion Properties was invited to participate in the Conference and to organise the "Implementation and Transformation of Green Strategy in the Real Estate Industry in China" seminar. At the opening ceremony, our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. LI Congrui delivered a speech on "Franshion Properties' Road to Green Building", while Mr. QIU Baoxing the Vice Minister of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC praised "Franshion Properties as the green pioneer in the real estate industry in China" and highly recognised and complimented Mr. LI Congrui's wonderful speech, and appraised Franshion Properties' green efforts in achieving three successful transformations from green building to green city, from green design to green management and from green enterprise to the entire green community.


As part of the green strategy, Franshion Properties insists on taking a practical, appropriate and marketised approach. As to large-scale public infrastructure, Franshion Properties owns many highend properties and hotels including super large-scale public infrastructure such as Jin Mao Tower and Beijing Chemsunny World Trade Centre and a number of 5-star hotels. Through continuous efforts in green energy-saving restructuring, energy consumption reduction and operating cost control, as well as conducting research on carbon emission transaction, the Group not only provides customers with a healthier and more comfortable environment but also increases its efficiency. As to the development of newly built residential products, complying with the principle of "priority based on passiveness and local landscape", the Company fully utilises the existing resources and provides quality green health products at controllable costs where a number of projects have won the state green star-rated certifications and earned market recognition. We attach great importance to carrying out technology integration research based on the resource conditions of different climate zones and have gained good practical experience in the development and operation of eco-city and the utilisation of a number of heat pump technologies and renewable energy resources including hydropower, geothermal power and solar power.


As the pace of urbanisation accelerates, green building is gradually transforming from an individual basis to the development of eco-city. Franshion Properties positions Changsha Meixi Lake as an "internationalised, technological innovative new eco-city", representing Changsha City's new namecard and "two-type (resources saving and environmentally friendly) community" model of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City Group. Leverage on the remarkable achievements of its green and ecological development efforts, at the end of October 2012, Meixi Lake New City was listed in the first batch of the "green and ecological model cities" in China.

Technology Residence

Adhering to the high-end positioning, Franshion Properties aims to develop a highly comfortable and low-energy consumption technology residential project with "constant temperature, humidity and oxygen" - Jin Mao Palace Series residential projects. Jin Mao Palace Series technology residence is the signature of the high-end product line of Franshion Properties' residential products. Adopting a capillary radiation terminal and 24-hour air circulation system, it provides a healthy and comfortable indoor environment with constant temperature, humidity and oxygen under dense smog conditions. Besides, it has a geothermal heat pump system in place to supply heat using the thermal energy from the ground during winter and to supply cooling using the chill from the ground during summer where the residual heat in the building is trapped on the ground. Accordingly, it can effectively utilise the geothermal energy from the upper layer in the soil to reduce the energy consumption of the residential building and increase the level of comfort.

In 2009, Franshion Properties' first Jin Mao Palace Series technology residential product - Beijing Guangqu Jin Mao Palace commenced construction planning. The property units were successively delivered in 2012. Until 2013, it has been operating for more than one year. Given the long-term smog condition in Beijing, it provides a healthy living environment to the property owners. From 2012 to 2013, Franshion Properties completed the streamlining of the Jin Mao Palace Series residential product line, completed the formulation of guidlines for the technology residential development and widely applied such in Beijing Wangjing Jin Mao Palace Project, Suzhou Gusu Jin Mao Palace Project and Ningbo Nantang Jin Mao Palace Project.

Other Green Products:


Qingdao Jin Mao Bay

The project is the first residential project in Qingdao that is granted with the state green building certification (three-star) which utilises sewage source heat pump technology to generate energy so as to satisfy the demand for heating and cooling from retail shops and residents, complemented with green technologies including energy-saving structure, natural ventilation, reclaimed water recycling and green irrigation, etc.

Chongqing Jin Mao Long Yue

It is a one-star green building in Chongqing developed according to the climatic characteristics and the local landscape of the mountain city, establishing the benchmark of green building mandatorily for a l l new structures in Chongqing.

Shanghai Jin Mao Noble Manor

The project utilises a range of green technologies: geothermal heat pump system, reclaimed water recycling and utilisation system, solar energy photovoltaic power generation system and wind power charging system. The project has been granted the Green and Low Carbon Community Award (Merit) at the Jing Rui Science and Technology Award in 2011 and participated in the "Research on Integrated Application and Demonstration of Key Technologies in Low-carbon Economic Industry Development Model in Chongming" under the Key Programme of the Ministry of Science and Technology under the Eleventh Five- Year Plan.

Public Infrastructure

Jin Mao Tower

Early in 2000, the project introduced the energy management contract and carried out the variable frequency energy-saving restructuring on the cooling water system for the tenants of the building. Upon the expiry of the contract in October 2004, the initial capital for restructuring recovered amounted to approximately RMB1.11 million. Total energy saved amounted to approximately RMB1.94 million. The project has been granted the Gold Certification by LEED, US Green Building Council.

Beijing Chemsunny World Trade Centre

It utilises the green technologies of rooftop greening, double glass wall, atrium lighting, reclaimed water recycling, micro-irrigation and heat recovery ventilation. In 2012, five energy-saving restructuring projects were launched. It has been granted the Platinum Certification by the US LEED, Green and Low Carbon Building Award at the Jing Rui Science and Technology Award and participated in the "Research and Application of Technologies on Carbon Emission and Carbon Emission Reduction Quantitative Assessment with respect to Building Energy Saving Projects" under the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal Project and Shanghai International Shipping Service Center

It utilises the green technologies including the river source heat pump and ice storage cooling technology, double glass wall, underground cooling ventilation system, artificial port basin and yacht terminal, atrium lighting, port basin water and reclaimed water recycling technology and the rainwater collection technology. It has been granted the US LEED Gold Certification, UK BREEAM Excellence Award, Green and Low Carbon Building Merit Award at the Jing Rui Science and Technology Award and the "Energy Saving Building Model Project in Shanghai".


Westin Beijing, Chaoyang

By carrying out a large-scale energy-saving restructuring through energy management contract, it is expected that the energy saved after restructuring will reach 600 tonnes of standard coal per annum.

Lijiang Grand Hyatt

The project is the first green standard three-star hotel project in Yunnan that utilises the green technologies of rooftop greening, vertical greening, permeable ground, heat recovery ventilation system, adjustable external shading, solar energy water heater, rainwater collection utilisation, micro-irrigation, indoor quality control and natural lighting.

Chongming Hyatt

The project utilises a range of green technologies: reclaimed water recycling, energy efficient lighting, atrium and guided lighting and CO and CO2 testing system. The project has been granted the green standards two-star certification in China.



Adhering to Franshion Properties’ spirit of facilitating the future development of green building in China through win-win cooperation, we actively work with different parties to introduce innovative green technologies and design philosophies that integrate with more green resources with a view to building a better and green tomorrow together with various parties.


Corporate Culture

As a leading real estate enterprise with the green strategy as one of its major strategies, Franshion Properties carries through the "Green Gold" corporate culture. Taking the "green" initiative, the Group strives to motivate the community to go "green" through developing the "Green Gold" corporate culture in the areas of green cultural activities, monthly green-theme events and green information resource sharing.


In 2013, Franshion Properties firmly combined the ecological and civilised development with the economy, politics, culture and society as one integrated component to stress the importance of environmental protection and the strategic growth opportunities, bringing the Company's revolution and development to the next level. To Franshion Properties, the green philosophy is what Franshion Properties relies upon while focusing on the mission of "unleashing future vitality of the city", striving to become well-respected quality real estate pioneer and setting the green benchmark in the real estate industry in China, which encompasses respect and affinity to nature; care to customers; persistence and innovation to the city; responsibility to society.

In 2014, we will continue to develop our green core competitiveness and highlight the green strategy in expanding our land bank, increasing our product returns and enhancing our corporate image, as well as endeavour to build a green platform for resources, research and development and services. We will continue construct more eco-cities, build more eco-friendly technology residence, implement energy-saving restructuring in existing buildings, develop green demo projects, organise green exchange and seminars, form green hotel study groups, and implement green education. In the era of "modern urbanisation", Franshion Properties will consistently fulfil its social responsibilities and persistently explore new ideas and innovative practices. While achieving its own development, Franshion Properties will also strive to make greater contributions towards industry advancement, urban development and building a beautiful China.