“Transaction Financing APP Pharmaceuticals, Inc.” Committee

In 2008, the Supervisory Board delegated to the Transaction Financing APP Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Committee, among other things, the decisions on the final acquisition price and on those terms of the APP Pharmaceuticals transaction’s financing that required the Supervisory Board’s approval. The committee consisted of two shareholder representatives and two employee representatives. The committee also approved the issuance of Senior Notes to replace the acquisition’s bridge financing in 2009. Its work ended with the successful completion of the financing of the APP Pharmaceuticals acquisition in January 2009. The members of the committee were Dr. Gerd Krick (Chairman), Dr. Karl Schneider, Stefan Schubert, and Niko Stumpfögger.

Information on positions held by committee members on statutorily required supervisory boards and comparable domestic and foreign control bodies of other business enterprises can be found here.

In accordance with the statutes of Fresenius SE, only members of the Audit Committee and the Personnel Committee receive additional compensation (Section 14 paragraph 2).

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