Commitments to members of the Management Board for the event of the termination of their appointment

There are individual contractual pension commitments for the Management Board members Dr. Ulf M. Schneider, Rainer Baule and Stephan Sturm based on their service agreements. With regard to these pension commitments, the Fresenius Group had pension obligations of € 3,316 thousand as of December 31, 2009 (2008: € 2,787 thousand). The additions to pension liability in the fiscal year 2009 amounted to € 529 thousand (2008: € 759 thousand). Each of the pension commitments provides a pension and survivor benefit, depending on the amount of the most recent basic salary, from the 63rd year of life, or, in the case of termination because of professional or occupational incapacity, from the time of ending active work. The starting percentage of 30 % increases with every year of service by 1.5 percentage points, 45 % being the attainable maximum. 30 % of the gross amount of any later income from an occupation of the Management Board member is set-off against the pension.

With the Management Board member Dr. Ben Lipps, there is an individual agreement, instead of a pension provision, to the effect that, taking account of a competitive restriction after the ending of the service agreement between him and FMC Management AG, he can, for a period of ten years, act in a consultative capacity for the Company. The consideration to be granted annually by FMC Management AG in return would amount to approximately 33 % of the non-performancerelated compensation components paid to him in the fiscal year 2009.

The service agreements of the members of the Management Board contain no express provisions for the case of a change of control and for the event of the ending of their service agreement.

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