Financial management policies and goals

Ensuring financial flexibility is key to the financing strategy of the Fresenius Group. We achieve this flexibility through a broad spectrum of financing instruments and a wide diversification of our investors. The maturity profile is characterized by a broad spread of maturities with a large proportion of mid to long-term financing.

Sufficient financial cushion is assured for the Fresenius Group by syndicated and bilateral credit lines that are only partially drawn. Market capacity, investor diversification, flexibility, credit covenants, and the current maturity profile are all taken into consideration when selecting financing instruments. At the same time, we seek to optimize our financing costs.

In line with the Group’s structure, financing for Fresenius Medical Care and for the rest of the Fresenius Group is conducted separately. There are no joint financing facilities and no mutual guarantees. The Fresenius Kabi, Fresenius Helios, and Fresenius Vamed business segments are financed primarily through Fresenius SE in order to avoid any structural subordination.

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