Research and development

Our R & D activities will continue to play a key role in securing the Group’s long-term growth through innovations and new therapies. We are concentrating our R & D on further improving our products for the treatment of patients with chronic kidney failure or on broadening their functions. The use of platform technologies, such as our therapy system 5008 and the Online-HDF, will also play an important future role in further developing and improving our products.

Another focus is infusion and nutrition therapies and the development of generic IV drugs.

We are also concentrating on targeted development of antibody therapies in the biotechnology sector. Biotechnology research opens up possibilities for treating diseases which cannot be cured at present and offers Fresenius potential for further growth with innovative cancer therapies. Here we will be focusing on the further clinical development of the antibody catumaxomab. More information can be found here.

We plan to increase the Group’s R & D spending in 2010. As in 2009, about 5 % of our product sales will therefore be reinvested in research and development. The number of employees in research and development will also be increased.

Market-oriented research and development with strict time-to-market management processes is crucial for the success of new products. We continually review our R & D results using clearly defined milestones. Innovative ideas, product development, and therapies with a high level of quality will continue to be the basis for future market-leading products.

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