Personnel development

The Fresenius Advanced Management Program is a firmly established component in our development of top management executives. In 2011, we plan a major realignment of our top management training in cooperation with Harvard Business School, one of the world’s leading business schools. A central element is the management training for executives. Here, we have continued to refine the offering and implemented a platform for target group-specific support for the various management levels. We will also be modernizing the annual appraisal interview on which our performance management process for tracking performance is based.

Within the framework of our efforts to attract and further young talents, our trainee programs offer promising university graduates the opportunity to start a successful career with the Fresenius Group alongside the classic channel of direct job entry. The programs combine challenging on-the-job assignments with internal and external training modules.

The HELIOS trainee programs serve to prepare university graduates for future management positions within the HELIOS Kliniken Group so as also to meet the demand for management resources created by the Group’s ongoing growth. The trainees spend their two-year training at different hospital locations. Working directly with the respective administration and department heads, they learn how to run a clinic or specialist department both strategically and operationally.

In a global company like Fresenius, the close interaction among employees of different nationalities and with different cultures plays an important role. We therefore advance the international mobility of our employees and offer them the opportunity to work abroad. We organize intercultural training programs to develop an awareness and sensitivity toward cultural differences for employees who will be assigned to work at locations abroad. The same applies for employees who come to Germany from our international locations. The program “Living + Working in Germany”, for instance, offers language courses and help with handling formalities.

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