Personnel marketing

Positioning Fresenius as an attractive employer in the market for highly qualified specialists and managers is an important part of the efforts to support the Company’s ongoing growth from the human resources side. We therefore expanded our personnel marketing activities in 2010. Besides intensifying our contacts with universities, we have developed a completely new Fresenius careers portal. Here, job vacancies throughout the Group are now published centrally for the first time. The individual business segments are also presented in a more detailed form appropriate for target groups. The web presence is rounded off by interactive information. At the same time, the specific focuses, opportunities, and requirements for job applicants are more clearly highlighted.

On the careers portal employees from the different business segments report on their career development at Fresenius, on their day-to-day tasks, and on why they decided to work for Fresenius. In videos and articles they make Fresenius more tangible as an employer and show what the corporate culture within the Fresenius Group is like.

The new careers portal for the Fresenius Group can be found on our website in the Careers section or directly at

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