You'll find the resenius Annual Report 2010 as PDF files in two versions: the printed version and the online version including additional content. Additionally information is available for download here as well.

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Description Format Size Selection
The Fresenius group PDF 2,6 MB
Fresenius Annual Report 2010 PDF 4,5 MB
Fresenius worldwide PDF 2,4 MB
Glossary PDF 2,5 MB
Consolidated Management Report PDF 3,0 MB
Consolidated Financial Statement PDF 928 KB
Transparency and Governance PDF 2,5 MB
Business Segments PDF 372 KB
Description Format Size Selection
Cash flow XLS 23 KB
Changes in equity XLS 22 KB
Comprehensive income XLS 19 KB
Financial position assets XLS 19 KB
Key figures XLS 24 KB
Liabilities XLS 21 KB
Segment reporting XLS 25 KB
Segment reporting regions XLS 21 KB
Statement of income XLS 20 KB
Fresenius Annual Report 2010 XLS 70 KB



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