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Based on the Group’s excellent financial results, we intend to increase the dividend for 2011 and thus continue our earnings-linked dividend policy. For the 19th consecutive year, we are proposing to our shareholders a dividend increase to €0.95 (2010: €0.86) per share, an increase of 10% per share. The total proposed dividend distribution will be €155.1 million, equivalent to 20% of Group net income before special items. Based on the proposed dividend and the closing price of our share at the end of 2011, the dividend yield would be approximately 1.3%.

Fresenius shares are an attractive investment, especially for long-term investors. Anyone who invested about €1,000 in Fresenius ordinary shares five years ago and reinvested the dividends would have increased their capital to €1,451 as of December 31, 2011. That is an average annual return of 9%. We have added a total return calculator as a service on our website at www. under Investor Relations – Fresenius Share/ADR – Share Price. You can use the value calculator to determine the total return on your Fresenius shares, including dividend payments.

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