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Human Resources Management

Highly skilled and motivated employees are the foundation for sustained growth. The parameters for human resources management at Fresenius have changed. Responsible for this are factors such as demographics, the transformation toward a service society, higher skill shortages, and the compatibility of job and family. These issues are set to play an even greater role in the coming years and present new challenges for human resources management.

We are constantly adapting our human resources tools to future needs. For instance, in addition to the established internal HELIOS Mentor Network for women, we extended our collaboration with a mentor network for women in science and technology at universities in the state of Hesse in 2011. This network supports female undergraduate and postgraduate students of science and technology subjects and furthers their personal and professional development. We see the opportunity to combine professional career and personal family planning as a key factor in attracting employees and keeping them with the Company. So we have for example extended the child daycare schemes offered at HELIOS.

In 2011, the life work time accounts that were introduced in some business segments in Germany were once again intensively promoted. They provide employees with the opportunity to save parts of their compensation or certain hours worked for a leave of absence at a later point in time. This leave can be flexibly used for further personal education purposes, for nursing leave to look after family members, or for phased early retirement.

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