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Personnel Marketing

Positioning the Company as an attractive employer in the market for highly qualified specialists and managers is an important part of our efforts to support our ongoing growth from the human resources side. We therefore expanded our personnel marketing activities in 2011.

We increasingly attended recruiting events and job fairs. Fresenius presented itself nationwide with a new overall concept, which includes a stronger involvement and presence of employees from different operating departments, for example within the context of presentations or trade shows. For the first time, Fresenius attended the two-day graduate convention in Cologne, Germany’s largest job fair for university graduates. The specifically developed marketing concept makes it possible to address the applicant groups relevant to Fresenius. Applicants can obtain information directly from the employees of different business segments about the many different entry opportunities. The new Fresenius Career App was also presented during the convention.

We celebrated a premiere with the first Career Day for Students. Under the motto “Boost Your Career”, 25 students had the opportunity to visit the Fresenius head office and receive valuable information on how to start their careers. For an entire day, Fresenius managers and personnel experts were made available to the future job entrants. Top managers talked about how they got started, their personal development, decisions they made, and the challenges they faced. In several workshop rounds, participants worked on important career planning questions and deepened these in a personal exchange.

We also have further expanded our presence in the online area. The Fresenius Career Portal was expanded by a few new functions: In an interactive test offered by the Fresenius Navigator, it is now possible to find out if Fresenius is a good match; the qualification matcher shows jobs and content that relate to the respective training; a career newsletter provides anyone interested with information about our career opportunities; and thanks to the new media center, all videos can easily be viewed. The continuous improvements are paying for themselves: In the annual ranking compiled by the Swedish market research institute Potentialpark, the Fresenius Career web page took first place in Germany. Our online application system also achieved excellent reviews and came in second. The study used to analyze overall online appeal to applicants was rated for the first time; Fresenius took first place. The study involved several thousand students and graduates, who were asked what they expect from the career web pages. Consequently, the career web pages of 100 German companies were evaluated on the basis of the criteria that were most important to those queried.

The new careers portal for the Fresenius Group can be found on our website in the Careers section or directly

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