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Vocational Training Management

The vocational training of young men and women is an important investment into our company’s sustainability. At our German locations, in 2011 we trained more than 1.900 young men and women in 34 different occupations, as well as 40 university students in 10 degree programs in cooperation with dual institutions of higher learning. In 2011, we were again able to increase the number of apprenticeship training positions offered by over 5% compared to 2010.

The range of dual courses of study is continuously expanded. They are the Group’s response to the increasing internal demand. Based on demographic changes as well as on the high number of high school students who will graduate in the next two to three years (caused by a reduction of the number of years required to graduate from 13 to 12 years) the Group uses the extension of apprenticeship training positions to recruit future employees. In 2011, for example, the dual course of study, Health Care Management, was added. It combines International Business Studies with courses covering the sciences and health economics, and specifically prepares graduates for a career in health care. In the summer of 2012, we will offer the dual course of study of Accounting and Controlling for the first time to target and educate young professionals for the consolidation or controlling areas. This course of study teaches practical information about accounting standards as well as domestic and international tax laws for companies.

With our cooperation with schools in the form of informational days, plant visits, internships, and application guidance, we are trying to increase the interest of young men and women in starting their professional life at Fresenius. In September 2011, for example, the Night for Education took place for the first time, which is the result of a Fresenius initiative. A total of 13 Bad Homburg-based companies that offer training programs participated. Students and parents were able to come to the corporate head office to obtain information about all occupations and dual courses of study, as well as learn about overall professional opportunities. With more than 700 visitors to Fresenius, the Night for Education was a great success.

In our annual Management Game, trainees from all occupations, training classes, and locations take on the role of entrepreneurs. In addition to purely technical content, they also learn the social skills that are so necessary in professional life, such as team spirit and responsibility.

All these training management measures are bearing fruit. In light of the increasing number of high-quality applications we receive, our management training shows that we are an attractive employer not only for school-leavers, but also for interns and students.