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Future markets

As an international company, we offer our products and services in about 170 countries. We expect the consolidation process among competitors in our markets in Europe, Asia- Pacific, and Latin America to continue. Consequently, we expect that there will be opportunities for us to penetrate new markets, both by expanding our regional presence and by extending our product portfolio.

In the United States, since Fresenius Medical Care and its competitor DaVita already share about 66% of the market, acquisitions – also with regard to potential antitrust restrictions – are likely to be small. Other new markets will also open up for Fresenius as we successively roll out our existing product portfolio in other regions. For instance, due to different regional and legal conditions, Fresenius Medical Care only supplies dialysis products in some countries. If conditions change, the company might provide dialysis care in these countries as well.

In 2011, Fresenius Medical Care once again significantly expanded its product business as well as cooperations with hospitals in dialysis services in China, and plans to continue this in the coming years. In addition, we have initiated a pilot project to start up a dialysis clinic by our own: Approval has already been granted for a dialysis clinic in the Chinese province of Jiangsu; it should open in mid-2012. Apart from China, mid-term the Indian market is also becoming more attractive in the Asia. So far, we have been represented by distributors on the product market since the 1990s. The regional and local public health authorities in India promote Public Private Partnerships (PPP) models. We expect to sign dialysis service contracts with larger regional and municipal public hospitals, and also aim to open our own dialysis clinic in Delhi in 2012. The growing importance of the Chinese and Indian markets with growing rates of dialysis patient numbers of much more than 10% annually should accelerate our growth in the region as a whole.

Fresenius Kabi plans to introduce products from its program in the United States in 2012.

In the developed countries, Fresenius Vamed is expecting to grow in the life cycle and PPP project areas both with regard to the project and the services business. In the emerging economies, the company intends to further consolidate its market position with successfully completed contracts in the project and services business, and wants to open new target markets.

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