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Blended learning successfully implemented

In 2011 we successfully implemented another state-of-the-art learning method, namely “blended learning”. This enables us to even better integrate our staff in Hannover and our colleagues at locations abroad into internal training activities.

In blended learning, a seminar unit consists of a linkage between tutor-supported e-learning self-tuition phases and face-to-face training sessions. We thus exploit modern technical capabilities to make learning less place- and time-bound. Not only that, we are responding to the demands of a new generation that is already accustomed to learning and communicating by electronic means.

In the year under review we unveiled German- and English language reinsurance seminars in the blended learning format. In addition, a learning program was developed under the auspices of our IT colleagues that provides training in the use of our electronic administration system for reinsurance treaties. Both blended learning courses were completed by members of staff at various locations.

Despite all the advantages of modern technology, we are still aware of the communicative, uniting and motivating value of traditional face-to-face instruction and we shall continue to use this where it is didactically appropriate – for example in new seminars that further reinforce the intercultural skills of our employees or their customer orientation.


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