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Internal control system

Another key element of the overall system is the Framework Guideline on the Internal Control System (ICS). The purpose of this set of rules is to systematically steer and monitor the execution of our corporate strategy. We therefore always organise our business activities in such a way that they are in conformity with all legal requirements. In accordance with these principles, the Framework Guideline puts in place a consistent understanding of controls as well as a uniform procedure and standards for implementation of the ICS across all organisational units of Hannover Re.

Internal risk management and control system

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The Framework Guideline defines concepts, stipulates responsibilities and provides a guide for the description of controls. In addition, it forms the basis for the accomplishment of internal objectives and the fulfilment of external requirements imposed on Hannover Re. The ICS consists of systematically structured organisational and technical measures and controls within the enterprise. It serves, inter alia, to safeguard compliance with guidelines and to reduce risks in the interests of secure execution of corporate strategy. This includes, among other things:

  • documentation of the controls within processes, especially in accounting,
  • principle of dual control,
  • separation of functions,
  • technical plausibility checks and access privileges within the systems.

In the area of accounting, processes with integrated controls ensure the completeness and accuracy of the consolidated financial statement. These processes for the organisation and implementation of consolidation tasks and for the preparation of the consolidated financial statement as well as the accompanying controls are documented and subject to regular review. All internal Group accounting principles are collated in an Accounting Manual that is available in IT-supported form to all relevant organisational units and all staff of the Hannover Re Group.

Data for the preparation of the consolidated financial statement audited by independent auditors is delivered by the relevant entities using a Web-based IT application. The individual items of the balance sheet, statement of income, statement of comprehensive income, statement of changes in shareholders’ equity, cash flow statement and the relevant data for the segmental reporting, notes and consolidation are stored in a database; this data is uploaded via automatic interfaces to a consolidation system, where it can be edited. Depending upon the findings produced by reconciliation of internal transactions within the Group, these values are corrected as necessary. Provision is made for manual bookings in the case of extraordinary or unusual transactions. The control measures described above – among other checks – are performed in order to avoid false statements.


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