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4.3 Major acquisitions and new formations

International Hannover Holding AG was established in the second quarter with its registered office in Hannover. The company, the share capital of which amounts to EUR 50,000, is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Insurance Company of Hannover Ltd., Bracknell, United Kingdom, which in turn is wholly owned by Hannover Re. The business object of the company is to hold, acquire and sell participating interests in other companies.

In the course of the second quarter Funis GmbH & Co. KG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hannover Re, acquired a participating interest in Glencar Underwriting Managers, Inc., based in Chicago, United States, with a capital contribution of USD 98,000 (corresponding to 49% of the share capital). The business object of the company will primarily be to underwrite specialty lines as well as property and casualty program business. Preference shares in an amount of roughly USD 2.3 million were purchased in the course of the third quarter of 2011.

Funis GmbH & Co. KG acquired roughly 75% of the shares in Integra Insurance Solutions Ltd. for a purchase price of GBP 7.5 million effective 18 August 2011. Incidental acquisition costs of EUR 0.1 million were recognised as other expenses in the statement of income. As an agency, Integra mediates insurance business to International Insurance Company of Hannover Ltd., which is also a company belonging to the Hannover Re Group. In addition, a contingent purchase price payment of at most GBP 11.3 million was agreed; this is conditional principally on the volume and profitability of the business acquired by Integra until 2014. Based on the probable business experience, the fair value of the contingent purchase price payments at the time of acquisition was around GBP 5.1 million, thereby increasing the difference arising in the context of initial consolidation.

The shareholders’ equity of Integra at the time of acquisition amounted to GBP 0.1 million. The company’s assets are comprised largely of accounts receivable and payable. In the context of allocation of the purchase price, no effects arose out of the measurement of the assumed assets, nor was it possible to identify any intangible assets or liabilities that had hitherto not been brought to account. For this reason, the difference of GBP 12.6 million arising in the context of initial consolidation was recognised in full as goodwill. In the period of its affiliation with the Group Integra generated a positive result after tax of GBP 0.3 million.

In the fourth quarter Funis GmbH & Co. KG also subscribed to 49% of the shares in the newly established Capital Systeme GmbH in an amount of EUR 12,250. In addition, a capital contribution of EUR 250,000 was made. The business object of the company is the sale and mediation of insurance products.

In the 2011 financial year Hannover Re and E+S Rück each acquired 50% interests in HAPEP II Komplementär GmbH from Talanx Asset Management GmbH, which is wholly owned by Talanx AG. No goodwill had to be capitalised with respect to this transaction between companies under common control.

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