Our strategy in practice

Our strategy in practice

Our strategy encompasses ten strategic principles for ensuring the accomplishment of our mission “Growing Hannover Re profitably” across business units. The orientation of the business groups is guided by these principles, hence enabling them to contribute directly to attainment of the overarching objectives. Implementation takes the form of each organisational unit defining its contribution to goal attainment and aligning its activities and measures accordingly.

This systematic approach is of crucial importance to the execution of our strategy in daily actions. In the context of our holistic management system Performance Excellence 2.0 we align all our activities such that they advance our strategic objectives with a view to successfully implementing our strategy. All organisational units determine substantial strategy contributions to the strategic objectives of the Hannover Re Group. This also includes defining performance criteria and indicators that can be used to establish fulfilment of the relevant strategy contributions.

We have developed a Strategy Cockpit for implementation of the strategy and systematic steering of the target contributions. This Web-based management portal assists managers with the development and implementation of strategy-related measures. We thereby ensure a high degree of transparency within the organisation with an eye to execution of the strategy.

Strategy cascade of Hannover Re

Strategy cascade of Hannover Re (chart)

The model enables us to ensure rigorous derivation of the strategic objectives.
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