Information on Hannover Rück SE

Information on Hannover Rück SE

(condensed version in accordance with the Commercial Code (HGB))

In the year under review Hannover Re for the first time availed itself of the option to present a combined Group and company management report pursuant to § 315 Para. 3 of the Commercial Code (HGB) in conjunction with § 298 Para. 3 of the Commercial Code (HGB). Supplementary to the reporting on the Hannover Re Group, we therefore discuss below the development of Hannover Rück SE.

The annual financial statement of Hannover Rück SE is drawn up in accordance with German accounting principles. The consolidated financial statement, on the other hand, conforms to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This gives rise to various divergences in accounting policies affecting, above all, intangible assets, investments, technical assets and liabilities, financial instruments and deferred taxes.

The annual financial statement of Hannover Rück SE – from which the balance sheet and profit and loss account in particular are reproduced here in condensed form – has been submitted to the operator of the electronic Federal Gazette and can be accessed via the webpage of the Companies Register. This annual financial statement may be requested from Hannover Rück SE, Karl-Wiechert-Allee 50, 30625 Hannover, Germany.

Hannover Rück SE transacts reinsurance business in the business groups of non-life and life and health reinsurance. Through its global presence and activities in all lines of reinsurance the company achieves optimal risk diversification.

Since 1 January 1997 Hannover Rück SE has written active reinsurance for the Group – with few exceptions – solely in foreign markets. Responsibility within the Hannover Re Group for German business rests with the subsidiary E+S Rückversicherung AG. Geographical risk spreading between the two companies is ensured by means of reciprocal retrocessions.


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