Statement of enterprise management practices

Statement of enterprise management practices

Hannover Re’s objective continues to be the consolidation and further expansion of its position as one of the leading, globally operating reinsurance groups of above-average profitability. Through our worldwide presence and activities in all lines of reinsurance we achieve an optimal risk diversification while maintaining a balanced risk/opportunity profile. Profit and value creation constitute the foundation of our sustainable development in the interests of our clients, shareholders, employees and business partners. Our goal is to increase the IFRS net income before and after tax as well as the value of the company – including dividends paid – by a double-digit margin every year. We consider the organic growth of our business volume, which exceeds the growth of the reinsurance market over the long term, to be a crucial success factor in this regard. This does not preclude temporary losses of market share. We offer our shareholders the prospect of a sustained above-average return on their capital. Consequently, we strive for an IFRS return on equity that is at least 750 basis points above the risk-free interest rate and a share price performance that beats the weighted Global Reinsurance Index over a rolling three-year period.

When it comes to our staff, we pay special attention to their skills, experience and motivation, which we foster through our attractive workplaces, personnel development activities and leadership practices. Based on our strategic human resources planning, we align the size and qualifications of our workforce with the current and future requirements of our global market presence. We put our trust in the greatest possible delegation of tasks, authorities and responsibility and thereby establish the conditions needed to be able to respond quickly and flexibly. We lead on the basis of Management by Objectives, we enable our employees to participate in our sustained success and we expect our managers to encourage the self-reliance of their staff (

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