8.7 Contingent liabilities and commitments

8.7 Contingent liabilities and commitments

Hannover Re has placed four subordinated debts on the European capital market through its subsidiary Hannover Finance (Luxembourg) S.A. Hannover Rück SE has secured by subordinated guarantee both the debt issued in 2004, the volume of which amounts to EUR 750.0 million, and the debts from the 2005, 2010 and 2012 financial years in amounts of EUR 500.0 million each.

The guarantees given by Hannover Rück SE for the subordinated debts attach if the issuer fails to render payments due under the bonds. The guarantees cover the relevant bond volumes as well as interest due until the repayment dates. Given the fact that interest on the bonds is partly dependent on the capital market rates applicable at the interest payment dates (floating rates), the maximum undiscounted amounts that can be called cannot be estimated with sufficient accuracy. Hannover Rück SE does not have any rights of recourse outside the Group with respect to the guarantee payments.

As security for technical liabilities to our US clients, we have established two trust accounts (master trust and supplemental trust) in the United States. They amounted to EUR 2,748.1 million (EUR 2,855.7 million) and EUR 21.5 million (EUR 11.9 million) respectively as at the balance sheet date. The securities held in the trust accounts are shown as available-for-sale investments. In addition, we furnished further collateral to ceding companies in an amount of EUR 565.6 million (EUR 549.3 million) in the form of so-called “single trust funds”.

As part of our business activities we hold collateral available outside the United States in various blocked custody accounts and trust accounts, the total amount of which in relation to the Group’s major companies was EUR 2,514.4 million (EUR 2,314.4 million) as at the balance sheet date.

The securities held in the blocked custody accounts and trust accounts are recognised predominantly as available-for-sale investments. As security for our technical liabilities, various financial institutions have furnished sureties for our company in the form of letters of credit. The total amount as at the balance sheet date was EUR 2,895.1 million (EUR 3,343.0 million). The standard market contractual clauses contained in some of the underlying letter of credit facilities regarding compliance with stipulated conditions are explained in greater detail in the “Financial position and net assets” section of the management report on the information pursuant to § 315 Para. 4 German Commercial Code (HGB) as well as in Section 6.12 “Debt and subordinated capital” on other financial facilities.

In addition, we keep own investments with a book value of EUR 53.8 million (EUR 67.3 million) in blocked custody accounts as collateral provided under existing derivative transactions. We received collateral with a fair value of EUR 18.6 million (EUR 9.5 million) for existing derivative transactions.

For liabilities in connection with participating interests in real estate companies and real estate transactions the usual collateral under such transactions has been furnished to various banks, the amount of which totalled EUR 459.9 million (EUR 288.3 million) as at the balance sheet date.

Outstanding capital commitments with respect to alternative investments exist on the part of the Group in an amount of EUR 598.5 million (EUR 575.9 million). These primarily involve as yet unfulfilled payment obligations from investment commitments given to private equity funds and venture capital firms.

The application of tax regulations may not have been resolved at the time when tax items are brought to account. The calculation of tax refund claims and tax liabilities is based on what we consider to be the regulations most likely to be applied in each case. The revenue authorities may, however, take a differing view, as a consequence of which additional tax liabilities could arise in the future.

Hannover Re enters into contingent liabilities as part of its normal business operations. A number of reinsurance treaties concluded by Group companies with outside third parties include letters of comfort, guarantees or novation agreements under which Hannover Rück SE guarantees the liabilities of the subsidiary in question or enters into the rights and obligations of the subsidiary under the treaties if particular constellations materialise.


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