2016 Annual Report Semtech


Semtech technology in a number of exciting Industrial markets

Annual Report / Markets / Industrial


The Internet of Things (IoT) is seeing its promise turn into reality as it helps deliver solutions to address a wide variety of business issues as well as some of the biggest challenges facing the world, including climate change, pollution control and early warning of natural disasters. Semtech has two innovative technologies that are driving this market: its unique long-range (LoRa®), low-power wide area networking technology that connects devices to the Internet; and its Neo-Iso™ switching technology. Semtech's technologies also address a number of other exciting industrial markets that include: wireless charging, automotive, medical and video broadcasting.

Target Markets:

Internet of Things (IoT), Automotive, Wearables, Ultra High-Definition Video

Semtech Platforms:

LoRa RF, Wireless Charging, Power Management (Neo-Iso switches), Power Line Communications (PLC) Solutions, and Broadcast Video