2016 Annual Report Semtech


Semtech’s vision is to be the global leader in analog/mixed-signal platforms.


The increasingly greater flow of information through the cloud for communications and other multimedia applications is driving the demand for service providers to build out and connect larger and faster wired and wireless networks...»

High-End Consumer

Consumers continue to demand smaller, lighter, lower power, wearable and higher performance mobile devices. As the chips in these devices shift to smaller process geometries, and the speed of the ports being used to connect to the devices increases...»


The Internet of Things (IoT) is seeing its promise turn into reality as it helps deliver solutions to address a wide variety of business issues as well as some of the biggest challenges facing the world, including climate change, pollution control and early warning...»

Enterprise Computing

The explosive growth in social-media, web-based video services, like YouTube and Netflix, cloud computing and storage networking is driving the unprecedented build-out of datacenters throughout the world.»

Semtech Markets:

Semtech’s vision is to be the global leader in analog/mixed-signal platforms that enable our customers to gain architectural and performance advantages. The Company provides exciting next-generation technology platforms for Internet of Things (IoT), wireless charging, and high-speed optical connectivity in addition to a broad range of platforms that provide signal integrity, circuit protection, power management and sensing capabilities targeting four end-markets: Enterprise Computing, Industrial, High-end Consumer, and Communications. This balanced end-market approach allows us to consistently develop and deliver a world of solutions™ to our customers