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Sustainability at Hannover Re

The sustainability strategy of the Hannover Re Group

Profit and value creation are indispensable prerequisites for sustainable development in the interests of our clients, shareholders, staff and business partners. As a leading player in the reinsurance industry, our commercial success is crucially dependent on the correct assessment of present and emerging risks. With this in mind, sustainability aspects are increasingly reflected in these risks. The issue therefore has a direct bearing on the operational activities of Hannover Re and hence forms part of how we see our business. Our goal is to generate economic success on the basis of a solid business model in conformity with legal regulations and the needs of our staff and the company, while also giving due consideration to conservation of the environment and natural resources. In so doing, our premises of financing growth through self-generated profits and avoiding imbalances that could necessitate capital measures continue to apply unchanged. Our operations are thus guided primarily by profitability considerations and we concentrate on attractive segments of reinsurance business.

In September 2011 the Hannover Re Group explicitly committed to its strategic objective of sustainable value creation in the context of a sustainability strategy. The sustainability strategy is based on good and sustainable compliance and puts into more concrete terms the higher-level corporate strategy of the Hannover Re Group. Within the scope of the strategy, altogether five action fields as well as concrete measures and targets have been defined for the period up until 2015.


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