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3. Accounting policies

3.1 Changes in accounting policies

With respect to collateralised debt obligations, collateralised loan obligations and high yield funds Hannover Re has adjusted the calculation logic used for model-based fair value measurement and for establishing the share of fair value changes attributable to impairments with the aim of measuring such items on a more market-oriented basis. This represents a change in an accounting estimate, which pursuant to IAS 8 “Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors” is to be performed prospectively in the period under review without adjustment of the comparative figures for previous years. Retention of the parameters and methods used until 31 December 2010 would have increased the impairments in the period under review by EUR 0.3 million and increased the write-ups by EUR 4.8 million. The amount recognised for the fair values of the specified instruments would have been EUR 1.4 million higher. The effect of this adjustment of the calculation logic in future reporting periods could only have been determined with a disproportionately high effort.

The hybrid capital shown under debt and subordinated capital is recognised according to the effective interest rate method at amortised cost. Components of income arising out of the amortisation of transaction costs and premiums/discounts occurring in the context of issuance were previously recognised in other income and expenses, while the nominal interest was recognised as interest on hybrid capital. In order to better reflect the character of the effective interest rate method we shall henceforth recognise all expenses consistently as interest on hybrid capital. The amended recognition of the previous period pursuant to IAS 1 thus improved the other income and expenses by an amount of EUR 4.1 million to the detriment of the interest on hybrid capital.


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