Improvements to our blended learning processes launched


Since 2012 we have offered a state-of-the-art form of in-house specialist skills enhancement for Home Office and for our colleagues around the world with our blended learning programmes – i. e. the combination of electronic learning methods with tutorial support. With a view to satisfying the increasingly demanding requirements that will be placed on our internal training going forward as well as on the reliable controlling of instructional activities, we launched a project in the year under review aimed at rolling out our own learning management system. The goal is to give our employees worldwide a readily available overview of training opportunities, facilitate rapid access to the existing tuition programmes and training documents and enhance administrative processes by means of appropriate workflows. The first step during the initial phase of the project, which was carried out in 2014, was to record and revise our internal training processes. Building on this foundation, we selected a learning management system that met our requirements and ensured – by way of an elaborate proof of concept – that it was tailored to our needs. Following successful completion of this project phase, the selected programme is now being launched.



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