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Investment policy

Hannover Re’s investment policy continues to be guided by the following four core principles:

  • generation of stable and risk-commensurate returns while at the same time maintaining the high quality standard of the portfolio;
  • ensuring the liquidity and solvency of Hannover Re at all times;
  • high diversification of risks;
  • limitation of currency exposures and maturity risks in accordance with the principle of matching currencies and maturities.


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Rating of fixed-income securities

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With these goals in mind we engage in active risk management on the basis of balanced risk/return analyses. In this context we observe centrally implemented investment guidelines and are guided by the insights of dynamic financial analysis. These measures are intended to safeguard the generation of an appropriate level of return while at the same time staying within a clearly defined risk appetite. In so doing, it must be ensured that we are able to meet our payment obligations at all times.

Thanks to a positive cash flow from the technical account and the investments, and assisted by the development of our fixed income investments, our portfolio of assets under own management grew to EUR 28.3 billion (EUR 25.4 billion).

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