Product responsibility

Product responsibility

Our range of reinsurance products and services is geared to the needs of the market and our clients. In response to changing social challenges, new economic, social and ecological risks – known as emerging risks – are increasingly reflected in our risk assessment. Examples of emerging risks include demographic change, the formation of megacities, shortage of resources, climate change and its impacts on global development (natural disasters, environmental damage) as well as pandemics. We use all internally and externally acquired insights in order to be able to offer better insurance solutions. In so doing, we devote special attention to protecting against risks that result from climate change and providing insurance coverage for socially vulnerable groups. This is especially relevant in developing countries, where a constantly growing demand for food makes it important to have coverage for livestock and crop failures.

In our understanding, product responsibility also extends to the management of our investment portfolio. The goal of our investment strategy is to generate a commensurate market return in the interests of our clients, institutional investors and private investors. In this context we pay attention not only to traditional financial considerations but also to environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. Since 2012 our investment policy has been guided specifically by the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact and thus also recognises the aspects of human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption. Since 2013 our investments have been reviewed half-yearly to verify compliance with these ESG standards. Exclusion from our investment universe is provided for in the event of failure to comply with the criteria. Furthermore, investments in correspondingly identified securities are also prospectively avoided. As we develop and continuously review our investment strategy, we work together with a service provider that specialises in sustainability.


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